A New Ramp for the Club

Creeksea Sailing Club
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For Creeksea Sailing Club, the Ramp is the club, it is what attracts members, we can launch boats at all states of the tide.
Time and the harsh environment it is in has taken it’s toll, and we needed to do something about it.
During 2012, Graham and Alan worked towards this task. Graham did the plans, and chased up all who need to know and required approvals Alan applied for grants and looked at ways to raise the funds needed for this.
April 2nd 2013, Seabrook Development (Neil) started work on the ramp, Club members have also spent many hours helping with the works that have gone on.
This has all happed due to a Grant From Essex County Council “Big Society Fund” which gave the club a major proportion of the funds required, Burnham Town Council and club member donation, allowed us to complete the first stage of the Ramp.
Eugene and loans to the club from members has allowed the completion of the lower section of the ramp.
Without all of the above this would not have been possible, we thank all who have helped make this happen.
On 8th June 2013, Mike Payton, along with Mayor Neil Pudney, opened the new club ramp, this will serve the Club for many years to come.