Creeksea Sailing Club
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Established in 1957 and affiliated to the RYA, the club owes its existence to the war years. The slipway was built to service RAF fast
rescue boats and the Navy's Motor Torpedo flotilla which used the Crouch. One can well imagine the scene, with MTB's on moorings,
ready to race out into action around the East Coast.

East coast convoys saw numerous vicious small boat engagements, and these continued throughout the War; whilst the RAF fast
rescue boats were much engaged in recovering downed aircrew struggling back to East Anglian airfields.

With peacetime the chance to relax and the restoration of Creeksea Hall allowed the development of the Caravan site which remains
to this day.

The abandoned slipway was used by weekenders to launch their boats, and with the increase in popularity of sailing and the profusion
ofself build designs, a club was founded.

By 1959 the club had purchased a caravan chassis with an 8ft by 6ft garden shed on top to serve as a Race Officers hut. This was
moved too and fro as far as the railway bridge after racing, as permission was not available for a permanent structure on the river bank.

Subsequently in 1976 the present Race Officers Hut was built and opened by none other than the then Prime Minister and famous yachting enthusiast Edward Heath. His photograph taken at the opening remains proudly hung in the club to this day.

Sports Council funding has further allowed the construction of a combined boat shed and changing facility, which brought the luxury of toilets and hot showers to Creeksea sailors.

In its history the club has seen a changing profile of classes sailed and activity. The heyday of the club was Burnham week in the 1970's when presentation dinners regularly hosted 140 to 160 people.

Since those days of Ospreys and similar classes, the club has moved on to single handed boats, with the Phantom proving an ideal choice for helmsmen moving over from the two man classes.

Whilst the attendances of the 1970's seem unlikely to be repeated, the club continues to attract the racing enthusiast, and the clubs reputation for friendly competitive sailing bodes well for the future.
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